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Haley Bussell

Chapter President

From: Traverse City, Michigan 

Senior, Public Relations minoring in Media Production and New Technology

Interested in: Environmental and Music PR 

Why I am in PRSSA: Since going to the PRSSA conference in Boston my outlook on what PRSSA means has been broadened. I am in this chapter because of companionship, building meaningful relationships, strengthening my attributes as a whole, and developing myself as a PR professional together with my peers.

Something interesting about me: I play acoustic music and sing around Marquette regularly! Before NMU, I was a songwriting major at a University in Nashville Tennessee. I would consider myself an outdoor enthusiast and love living in the Upper Peninsula.

What I am most looking forward to in PRSSA for the year to come: I am looking forward to many things with PRSSA because there is so much potential for this coming year's plans. The part I am looking forward to most is working with my fellow PRSSA e-board and chapter members to make an impact on the community. When a “team” can come together and make a difference, it is truly an experience like no other.




Chloe Gerathy

Firm Director

From: Petoskey, MI

Junior, Public relations major

Interested in: Fashion PR

Why I am in PRSSA: Aside from the fact that it looks great on applications, I love the practical experience I'm getting as firm director.

Something interesting about me: My hobbies include brunch, beekeeping, and soft pretzels

Lastly, what I am most looking forward to in PRSSA for the year to come: This year I'm looking forward to the firm work I'm coordinating! With such a talented and creative team I know we're going to do some really cool things!



Myah Tatay

VP of Professional Development

Myah Tatay

Senior, Communication Studies major with minors in Marketing and Environmental Studies 

From: Edwardsburg, MI

Interested in: Outdoor + environmental advocacy

Why I am in PRSSA: PRSSA is a great stepping stone to prepare for the professional world. The organization has allowed me to make my ideas, such as the 2018 Coffee Crawl, become reality. 

Something interesting about me: I love plants, almond milk chai lattes, and Blink-182.

What I am most looking forward to in PRSSA for the year to come: Working with a team of strong, positive individuals to creatively build on the organization we have! 



Trysten Loos

VP of Public Relations

From: Marquette, MI

Junior, Public relations major with minor in English

Interested in: Being an activist is something that is really important to me and I would love to work for woke company or participate with non-profit organizations. 

Why I am in PRSSA: The people I've met within PRSSA have become life long friends to me and being able to learn and grow with my club members is something I value a lot. PRSSA was the first place I started to gain professional experience and continues to offer really amazing opportunities. I'm beyond thrilled to build connections with so many different people and work together to benefit the club. 

Something interesting about me: The past summer I worked for Invent@NMU as a Marketing Communications Specialist. Aside from that, I spent any extra free time between two jobs adventuring outside to places I haven't been before. 

What am I most looking forward to in PRSSA for the year to come: I'm looking most forward to attending the PRSSA National Conference and getting the opportunity to connect with many PR pre-professionals. Also to reconnect with my club members and do what we do best. 



Sarah Schollmeyer

VP of Treasury

My name is Sarah Schollmeyer, a third year Public Relations major at NMU! I am from Hudsonville Michigan. I would either like to work on the financial side of campaigns or the promotion of NPO's.  I am in PRSSA for the hands-on experience and opportunity to work with my peers in a professional setting. One of my favorite hobbies would be sketching or painting.  I most look forward to the firm work and my new role as Treasurer in PRSSA, I aim to assist in the growth of our chapter. 


Alexina Somerville

VP of Member Services

Alexina Somerville

From: Cass City, MI

Senior, Communication studies major with a public relations minor

Interested in: Bike riding, reading, camping and traveling. One day I hope to work in advertising and event planning.

Why I am in PRSSA: PRSSA has helped me get out of my bubble this past year and made me so excited for my future career. This coming year I am looking forward to working and connecting with other pre-professionals.

Something interesting about me: I have a massive obsession with dogs.   


Katie Stewart

VP of Digital and Social Media

From: Grand Rapids, MI 

Sophomore, PR major and Journalism minorn

Interests: Reading, writing, hiking, scenic drives and anything that has to do with Lake Superior. 

Future plans: I’d like to eventually work for either a publication in sports PR or crisis control. Maybe all three who knows. 

Why I am in PRSSA: I’m looking to expand my network as well as my professional career. PRSSA also offers great opportunity to travel and make amazing lifelong friends. Like minded people with the same goal are imperative to growth in this industry. 

Something interesting: I could swim before I could walk.

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