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7 Aspects That Make You Stand Out

Ray Kotcher, CEO and Senior Partner of Ketchum Public Relations, was portrayed as a living legend of PR at the 2018 PRSSA National Conference. During his session, he spoke many wise words about the ins and outs of the public relations business. Kotcher also allowed the PRSSA crowd in on a few secrets to becoming a “stand out” in the public relations world.

  1. The degree you earn is important, but not by itself.

Kotcher goes on to explain that while getting your degree is a crucial part in landing a job and making a name for yourself, you’ll also have to gain some real-world experience. He then goes on to say that even the little jobs matter, so don’t be afraid to help a local business with their social media or to launch a campaign.

2. Demonstrate that you are in continuous learning mode.

There’s nothing wrong with earning an extra certificate. In fact, showing initiative in enhancing your PR knowledge is one of the most attractive actions you can partake in, in the eyes of your employer.

3. Take short courses or workshops.

Consequently, there may be small aspects of your PR game that are lacking. Whether it’s your journalism, graphic design, or marketing skills, there are hundreds of short courses and workshops that will help you gain that extra edge. Kotcher recommends a program called EdX. EdX is an online course provider that can be accessed in five different languages and even offers some courses for free.

4. Emphasize your soft skills.

In your place of work, do your best to demonstrate that you are more than just a content creator. Find a way to show that you are also a listener, collaborator, and a critical thinker.

5. Talk about related life experience.

Got some customer service experience? Relate back to your time spent there! Did you play on a sports team, volunteer at a shelter, or participate in a really cool internship? Tell your employers about it! Experiences like these help portray you as a well-rounded individual which will once again, set you ahead of the curb.

6.Stay ahead of the news.

For obvious reasons, it is important to be up to date on current events not just on a local level, but on national and global levels as well. In the words of Kotcher, “You have got to be a news junkie.” So take some time in the morning to brush up on the latest and greatest.

7. Know your words.

Kotcher deems that it is important to be prepared to convey what you have to say in three minutes or less, so choose wisely. Following closely with that note, in an interview, make sure that what you are saying verbally matches what is written in your résumé.

And with that, you have a list of seven “Ray Kotcher Approved!” ways to set you ahead in the world of Public Relations!