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Crisis Averted

Ever since I started college and furthering my education, I’ve always been somewhat apprehensive in what I wanted to do. Especially considering that what I do now is a huge part of what I do and who I am as I start out into the world for real as a functioning person and part of society.

Last year at the climbing wall, I was introduced to Public Relations and PRSSA. I began attending meetings to get my feet wet and see what the whole organization was all about and to see if i could fit in somewhere. The more I involved myself and the more I attended, the more I actually enjoyed the concept of PR and the possible careers that come with it.

National Conference this year in Austin was the most massively pivotal wake up call that I could have ever asked for. After that week in Texas, my thoughts and plans for my future have never been more solid. I was given the chance to dive deep into the different facets of PR, to ask questions, to truly understand and potentially narrow down what I want to accomplish in the next few years in PRSSA and then moving onto my professional life as a PR professional. I am especially grateful to have began my journey in PRSSA so young, as I am more able to see the different opportunities and resources that will become available to me in the coming years I will have in this program.

I was kicked into gear when I attended three Crisis Control sessions and one Sports Communication session. Listening to real life stories and experiences of people that have had hands on experience in the field truly inspired me. Not only to start digging my heels into the industry, but to start focusing on my personal goals and what I want to accomplish from here on out. My time in Austin has motivated me to start developing and writing my own narrative, I cannot wait to see where I can go from here.