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Session Highlights

The session I attended at PRSSA National Conference was one about the Austin Bombings. A series of bombings that were happening all around the city killing two and injuring three more. They talked about how you prepare for something like this and the fact is that you don’t. You can’t. You can’t make these situations up and practice how to approach them and how to manage them. They stated that they focused on procedures and not processes. Everyone must know his or her roles and responsibilities beforehand. You can’t practice this because actions change. Emotions come through and everyone will react differently. They had a message, they had an audience, they identified a key spokesperson, the chief of Austin. They only had one because too many would confuse the public and trusting and confiding into many people during a time like that can be terrifying. This session stuck out to me the most because I couldn’t believe I was sitting before people who work in an area that has to deal with like threatening situations and since then I have been thinking that crisis management is an area I want to go into. The amount of work, dedication, and love it took for those professionals to keep their city safe despite life threatening situations is something I will never forget and will always appreciate and respect.